I Am the Vision, Because Christ lives in me

Welcome, Vision 20/20. By now you’ve received letters, gotten a phone call from a Ruling Elder (if not, let us know) and heard Pastor Mario’s message from the pulpit all about how we are re-tuning our ministry by reflecting and revealing how Jesus lives in each of us; by affirming our purpose of being a beacon of light or "city on a hill" to shine the path forward for our families and community; by charging ourselves to replay, reflect, study and be open to letting go of what is holding us back from receiving new Godly revelations and by recommitting ourselves to each other as community of faith for the Glory of God.

What the leadership of the church is asking you to do is to first lift each other and the vision of the church in prayer. Second, make an assessment of your current participation and enter into a time of discernment to consider where you are going to invest your time, what talents will you bring to the table and how you are going to financially support the overall ministry of our community of faith. Third, suggest additional ways we can make Jesus’ light shine brighter.


Everyone, not just a few, needs to make a commitment. As the adage goes, there is strength in numbers. In our case, the light of Jesus shines brightly when our congregation comes together, in love, to share our time, talent and treasure.  VBS and Let’s Get Physical are great examples of how we reflect Jesus in our community.


Vision 20/20 is not about cutting missions and instituting new ones.  It’s about committing to participate, to join our energetic, dedicated pastor and ruling elders, in joyfully serving, praising and worshiping God.