Becoming a beloved community

a matthew 25 jouney to the Cross

Lent Study 2020

The season of Lent has often been a time to give up a vice or an indulgence (did someone say chocolate?) or take on a spiritual discipline such as fasting or meditation. What is this Lenten season, though, we looked beyond personal disciplines and committed to creating beloved communities in our own backyards--communities reflecting the inclusive and healing love that Jesus modeled as He made his way to the cross? This devotional itself is a reflection of a beloved community. 

Videos are often updated by the end of each day. 

* No Study Videos on Sundays

* Given everything that is happening in our country in the last few days, 

my time have been redistributed to other areas of ministry within our congregation.

I am sorry that I haven't been able to catch up with the Lent Videos. 

My hope is to begin again on Monday, March 16th.

 -- Rev. Mario Bolivar

Digital Copy of the Study Guide