happy easter

Tennebrae Service of darkness

The Maundy Thursday service will be April 18th at 7:30 PM. This will be a Tenebrae: A Service of Darkness. It is an influential time of Holy Week where we gradually diminish the lights through the extinguishing of candles and covering the symbols of hope as we recognize the betrayal, arrest, persecution, and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus. This increasing darkness and symbolizes the approaching darkness and seeming hopelessness of Jesus’ death. The service concludes in darkness, with a final candle, the Christ candle, carried out of the sanctuary, and with the congregation leaving in silence to ponder the impact of Christ’s death.  This special worship service will include many different liturgists, the Sacrament of Communion, visual elements, and formidable music with the Chancel Choir and Chamber Ensemble that will speak to your senses. 

easter bake sale - youth fund raiser

The youth group will be hosting an Easter bake sale again this year, so please let us make your Easter dessert for you. If you would be interested in baking and donating your baked items to the youth group, please contact D at communications@fpceustis.com. All proceeds go towards the youth summer trip.

easter Bonnets & Bowties

We are going to give a manly little twist to our annual tradition of the ladies wearing Easter bonnets...gentleman wearing bowties. Just like in the past, anonymous donors will contribute anywhere from $1-$20 per bonnet or bowtie. We are both looking for people willing to pledge to donate to the church (if you are interested, please call the church office) and looking forward to seeing you all in bonnets and bowties.

special congregational dinner

The Session of the Church and the Pastor have agreed to call a Special Congregational Meeting on May 5th at 12:15 PM. The purpose is to update some of the bylaws of our organization in order for the church to be more faithful to out Great Commission and in hopes of being diligent with the generosity of our supporters. We are encouraging all our voting members of the congregation to actively participate in this meeting and be involved in the crafting of the future of our church for the glory of God.

upcoming preschool events

There are a bunch of FPC Preschool events coming, and you are invited. 

  • April 25 - Preschool Concert at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall
  • May 19 - Preschool Sunday at The 10 AM Crossing Service in Fellowship Hall
  • May 23 - Preschool Graduation at 6:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall, with reception to follow in The Gathering Place

Congregational Dinner & Handbell Concert

It's not too early to announce that our next Congregational Dinner will be on Wed. May 15th at 6 PM, and will feature a Spring Concert by our very own Gold Handbell Choir at 7 PM in the Sanctuary.

ROAR - VBS Registration is open

Join us June 24th to 28th from 6-8 PM. This year is about finding our strength to ROAR, because God is good. Registration is now open! Learn about VBS more here.