Who We Are

First Presbyterian Church is a congregation with a deep appreciation of our history and tradition, but we are also a growing family with a tremendous sense of hope for the future. We have been in existence since 1884, and located at the corner of South Center and Citrus Streets in since 1912. The love that we share here is both deep and real, and everyone is welcomed at First Church with genuine warmth and joy. Our members pride ourselves on the fact that we do not all agree on many issues that divide people in modern culture. We believe we are stronger because we have different opinions on important subjects. We can disagree without being disagreeable! 

foundational truths

We do agree on these foundational truths about God:

  •        God is the Creator of all things and provides for all our human needs. God is both just and loving, and desires above all else to see us grow and thrive in our daily lives.
  •        Jesus Christ is God’s only begotten Son, who is also Lord and Savior of the world. Humans find salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Humans come to know what God expects of them by learning from Jesus and seeking to follow his example of obedient living.
  •        The Bible is the holy, inspired Word of God, which teaches us everything we need to know to live as disciples of Jesus in our modern world.
  •        The Holy Spirit of God inspires Christians to use their gifts in the church and in the world to join with Jesus in the joyful work of sharing the Good News of God’s love and transforming lives by God’s grace and power.